About Us

POINT sunflower seeds factory was established in 1988 by the Point Sunflower family in Pyin Oo Lwin city which is located in Mandalay region. The SUN brand was developed in 2005 as a Point Family's second brand name and the factory is located in Yangon city, Yangon Region. Today, Point and Sun's roasted sunflower seeds are known for their delicious taste, crunchy roasted and big-sized seeds which are directly imported from Inner Mongolia, China. Point family started the delicious roasted sunflower seeds making tradition for more than 25 years ago. The 25th year anniversary of Point Family was held in 2014 March at Mandalay Novotel Hotel. Today, Point Family is proudly stand as No.1 sunflower seed manufacturer in Myanmar and our brands are well-known as high quality products in confectionery market.

Our Vision


To be the most respected and trusted confectionery company.

  • Consistently making high-quality products
  • Delighting consumers everyday and building long term consumers' trust  
  • Valued partner of honest customers and suppliers

Our Mission


We believe that Ethnics is the most important thing in organization to be the most respected company at our environment.

  • Driving transformational growth and profit for our company
  • Creating win-win outcomes
  • Motivating and engaging associate  
  • Promoting a healthy and safe work environment  
  • Collecting responsibility for our society
  • Building and maintaining of trust in our organization and the community of neighborhoods
  • Promoting creativity, innovation and responsibility for entrepreneurship

Our favorite quote by Warren Buffet  " Honesty is very expensive gift , do not expect it from cheat people."